About Us

We are an established accountancy practice with regional offices across the UK. Our local presence enables you to have the benefits of a personalised service yet allowing you to benefit from our knowledge base. All of our clients are allocated business advisors who can be contacted at times to suit your business needs.

We at freshwater believe in cutting through complexity and the best way to do that is to cut through paper work. We have an innovative solution from collecting information from clients to delivering our professional services. This is not only environmentally friendly but is also the most efficient way of getting information to your accountant.

With a combined 30 years of professional services experience, we will provide you with timely and relevant advice on the things that really matter at a competitive price. For a free no obligation business health check please contact us on 0845 467 57 97.

At freshwater we have 5 core values which form the foundation of the firm. This is covered under the acronym of “fresh”.

  • friendly – We are a friendly team and always seek to ensure our clients can approach us on any matter, regardless of how small the issue may be

  • reliable – With our market leading systems and processes at freshwater we aim to offer a reputable professional service, which ensures everything is done on a secure and timely basis or we do it for free.

  • effective – All businesses are different, no one solution fits all. We believe in providing focused and competent advice specific for your business needs. We do this by being proactive and maintaining effective communication on a regular basis as part of our service.

  • simple –  We also understand that not all clients are familiar with accounting jargon; we always provide client advice in plain simple English.

  • honest – Business relationships are built on trust and goodwill. Our advisors deal in a straightforward manner, giving you honest advice whilst not trying to sell you any services you don’t require.

freshwater allocates a dedicated accountant with a consulting partner for each of our clients, so you can be rest assured we know your business well when you call us. We are always keen to ensure your personal accountant forms a close relationship with each of their clients giving a personal service which cannot be found in any other large accountancy practice.

Helping you shape your business future